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After 20 years of experience, by working in the audio industry from about 1965, Van Medevoort Audio (formerly Audioart), was founded at the end of March 1985 by Ad van Medevoort, lover of music and the technology behind it. VMA exclusively designs and manufactures all Van Medevoort products. According to Ad, a brand with an innovative philosophy behind it did not yet exist: developing high-quality audio products and bringing them for a reasonable price in a market segment, between cheap market-saturating mass products and brands that sold an amplifier, often of average quality, for a huge amount. The answer to the question whether vM delivers the best quality for the price is therefore easy to guess: Yes, positive reactions from the press, dealers and end users, both consumers and professionals, confirm this. Failure figures also immediately prove that Van Medevoort products have been made with great care for over 35 years; only less than 0.5% and a long lifespan, which is quite unique in the audio industry. In addition, all manufactured products, even 35 years old, are still repaired, then serviced and can also be modified if desired. Speaking of a circular economy…
With a modification or upgrade with the best components, which we also use in the new products, the musical quality improves enormously, to our current standard.


Van Medevoort Audio has started building loudspeaker systems. The vM CD2.5 was the first loudspeaker to bear the vM logo. This first loudspeaker was already equipped with the unique Anti-Resonance system. In terms of design, the housing was carried out entirely according to the Golden Ratio, not only the design, but also the technical construction and implementation.The combination of special design, state-of-the-art technology and extraordinary sound quality / musicality made this vM CD2.5 very successful, right from the start in 1985! The two dynamic systems, prefixed with 'AD' and 'BD' respectively, soon followed to complete this 2.5 series. The electrostatic loudspeakers vM EE/EB came, after extensive market research and building up dealer network, a little later, at the end of 1986. Ad van Medevoort had been working with this technology for some time (from 1970 onwards). He believed that a correctly designed electrostatic unit is the only technique that can faithfully produce the highs and mid-range. You don't need a crossover filter for the mid-range and highs. That already results in much less distortion. In addition, the surface area of ​​an electrostatic unit is much larger. The line source also ensures a much better spread of the sound. So only benefits. vM will never build a conventional full range electrostatic loudspeaker. A loudspeaker must be fast and dynamic in the low end. That isn’t a full range ESL. In addition, such a system 'colors' enormously, has a limited bandwidth and is service sensitive. Van Medevoort therefore continues to use dynamic drivers for the bass. However, this technique has also been thoroughly overhauled. He uses not one but two bass units in his loudspeaker systems. One facing outwards and one facing inside in the housing. These units are connected in such a way that resonance and compression have virtually disappeared. An expensive, but very effective technique, which can still be found in all new vM models. We call this technique the Anti-Resonance System.


After the production and sales success of the vM EE/EB, the first vM amplifier saw the light in 1989: the vM MA220.
Suitable for complex loads of various top loudspeakers, as well as the vM EE/EB electrostatic system. At the time, there was not one affordable amplifier in that segment that was really suitable for driving complex loads such as an electrostatic loudspeaker. This amplifier was specially developed for this purpose, with the great advantage that all dynamic loudspeakers from other brands also received much more control and therefore started to sound better. All vM dealers therefore used this vM MA220 as a loudspeaker demo amplifier in their showrooms, resulting in a Best Seller! As a successor to the 2.5 series of dynamic loudspeakers, the 4.5 was developed with 3 models as well. The vM AD4.5 and the vM BD4.5 in 1990, the vM CD4.5 followed in 1991. The integrated electrostatic system with dynamic low, the vM ED6.5 came in 1993 alongside the EE/EB. After the successful vM MA220, the step to a pre- and power amplifier was quickly made and the vM CA220 and vM PA220 came out of the factory. A powerful mono power amplifier, the vM PA330, followed alongside the stereo vM PA220. Even a vM XO220 electronic crossover filter came for active filtering of the vM EE/EB. The line was completed with the compact vM MA110, the vM CA440 and pioneering mains filters for the time: vM PF110, vM PF220 and vM PF330. As a special product came: the exclusive vM MA-TUBE built in limited production. Van Medevoort's 1st line of electronics was produced from 1988 to 1994 and is still used with great enthusiasm by fans from the very beginning. We make this possible in part by being able to repair all the above products in the event of a malfunction, to give a service turn to maintain quality or even to deliver a modification to a number of them.


In 1994 the vM electronics line was renewed. Heavier amplifiers were introduced to drive the new vM RD dynamic and vM RE electrostatic line source reference loudspeaker systems. Not only for the consumer, but in the meantime also for the audio professional with the vM PA200, vM PA300, vM PA600 and vM PA700 studio amplifiers. As well as the various sources such as the vM CD222 CD player, the CD drive vM CT333 and the successful vM DA222 d/a converter were ready for production. For the lower end of the line, the integrated amplifier vM MA111, the preamplifier vM CA111 and the power amplifier vM PA111 were developed, smaller power and lower price. As in the previous series, the discretely constructed phono modules could be mounted in the vM MA111 and vM CA111 as an option, to make input 1 suitable for connecting a record player. The vM PA111 was even switchable from a small stereo to a powerful mono amplifier, to increase its applicability. The type numbers were of course also adjusted, as can be seen from the above, so as not to create confusion with the previous series. Thus the 220 became the 222, the 330 the 333, and so on. From this series, the red logo was also introduced on all vM products. In terms of loudspeakers, the new vM DD6.5, vM DD7.5 and vM DD8.5 followed between 1995 and 1997.

In 10 years, van Medevoort has completed the product line that started with a single loudspeaker, the vM CD2.5, and produced it in-house. From 1994 it is therefore possible to have a complete Van Medevoort set in the living room. From the power cords and interlinks, to pre and power amplifiers, tuners, CD players and electrostatic speakers. All products with the same philosophy, design, audiophile components and internal cabling with vM Silver Wire. And that is very unique in the audio world, most well-known manufacturers are only specialized in one discipline. Loudspeakers or amplifiers or cables, making them dependent on other manufacturers and never in control of the maximum musical efficiency of the total / complete audio set. Van Medevoort Audio always wants to maintain control over the end result.



The third Van Medevoort line, which has been available in audio shops since 2001, has been given a considerable facelift. The somewhat Spartan appearance has been replaced by a silver colored front plate with small, beautifully finished buttons, but will also remain available in black for enthusiasts. At the request of our dealers, a remote control has been added that can operate the entire set. The combi players vM SA230 and vM SA340 (CD / SACD / DVD) are an important addition to the package for multi-channel and video functions. New technical developments have been implemented, the type numbers have been adjusted again. The 222 has been replaced by the 230, the 333 by the 340, the 444 by the 450, and so on. Every new product complies with the vM philosophy, just like the new multi-channel power amplifiers vM PA535 and the vM PA555. If Van Medevoort doesn't support something, it doesn't go out. The market-oriented adjustments have not been at the expense of quality. The typically down-to-earth, Dutch appearance that was characteristic of vM products has not suffered as a result, but has acquired international allure. A lot of time is spent on the development and production of a vM product. Each part is thoroughly tested for quality, characteristics, location and usability within the whole. For example, it took months to choose a volume chip for the vM CA560 and the vM CA640 multi-channel analog preamplifier. This has become a passive resistance divider, followed by a discretely constructed Class 'A' line stage. Unique in the market, even with high-end products. There is a lot to be gained if you do it differently than others. That is why vM much prefers to make its own circuits, according to its own ideas and philosophy. High-quality components are certainly part of this and that is just one of the many examples.

The development of a three-channel guitar tube preamplifier, the vM GA890, proves that good design takes a lot of time. Van Medevoort has been developing this for a few years now. Close collaboration with many different top guitarists has made this custom made boutique amplifier a beautiful musical work of art.


SACD has been very important to vM, both in dual and multi-channel disciplines. It is not without reason that it was the first to develop and market the 6-channel analog preamplifier and supply it to SACD mastering studios, but also to many music lovers. This interest in the new high-quality format is reflected in high-resolution audio recording and playback. Every step to take music playback to the next level has always had our support and support. Van Medevoort was the first company to take care of the Philips DVD963SA and various Sony SACD players. The Philips SACD1000 has already been modified and demonstrated at trade shows and at dealers when SACD was just introduced as a new quality standard above standard PCM CD’s. In addition to these two brands, large numbers of players from other manufacturers (including Marantz, Denon, Teac, Pioneer, Onkyo, etc.) followed with the request to help increase their sales by adding an audiophile vM upgrade. These modified products were carried out with the well-known red vM logo and thus made recognizable. A vM certificate was also included. In order to be able to give the two and more channel demonstrations optimally and to keep the quality in their own hands, new dynamic (studio) monitor loudspeakers have been developed, the vM DD5.0 together with the vM DW 0.1 subwoofer. Both systems are supplied both passive and in active version, with internal vM amplifiers and crossover filter. So the fourth loudspeaker line. For electrostatic enthusiasts, the new vM EE150 loudspeaker was simultaneously introduced during this period, successor to the vM EE/EB after 15 very successful years.

The result of the modifications, which were carried out in the various SACD and DVD players, were expressed in more depth, detail and refinement. In short, more musicality and, in any case, also a sharper and more lively spatiality, very important when playing audio with video such as (music) DVDs. The reason that the combi or DVD players were chosen is because they formed a very solid basis for the adjustments. It should be clear that in addition to the improvement of the audio, the image quality also shows just as big a difference. It is precisely the years of experience with researching, comparing, testing, measuring and listening to all individual components that we want to apply, in order to create an optimal upgrade for the various different products, disciplines and/or brands. All our suppliers supply the test samples that we request and we choose the gems from them. We use these audiophile top parts in our equipment and also in the modifications. In the end, everything revolves around music, so the musical end result. If you look further back in the field of modifications, you will see that vM has been actively upgrading audio products from various brands for years, mainly CD players and d/a converters. The enormously important experience gained with this work has later proved very useful in the development of our own CD and combi player models. In addition to the regular line of vM products and modified players, there is a vM State of Art reference line. The vM RD8.5, vM RE8.5 and vM Q cables, as well as the vM CAQ and vM PAQ reference amplifiers, which are manufactured exclusively to order, in consultation with the customer and which are built without compromise. The parts used consist exclusively of Hi-End components, “Best of the Best” or “Price no Object”. Of course they are our top items and more exclusive, but what is important, a large part of the technology that is in the reference series can also be found in the vM Audio Art 400 and 300 series. However, if you want to hear what the Van Medevoort philosophy exactly means, maximum musicality for a reasonable price, then the only way to find out is to listen to a Van Medevoort product or even better a complete vM audio set

The vM products that you find in and outside the Netherlands are also widely used in studios. The use of vM equipment often works very well in the recordings. This makes sense, since transparency and amplification free of coloration are essential for a good recording. vM Audio Recording Technology has gained more than twenty years of experience by making recordings with its own equipment from solo musicians to large orchestras, including the Amsterdam Chamber Orchestra and even the Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra. A very high-quality, discretely constructed microphone preamplifier with high-resolution A/D converters has even been developed for this. An exclusive professional large-diaphragm microphone, the vM C1000, has also seen the light of day. Gaining experience on the recording side teaches us to achieve maximum results on the playback side: players, amplifiers and speaker systems, but also mains filters and cables. The CD’s of, for example, Channel Classic Records, with vM amplifiers in the mobile and in the studio recording set, are a good example of this. They sound clear, airy, detailed and true to nature. Exactly the sound that Van Medevoort is known for. vM amplifiers therefore not only feel at home in the living room, but also in the studio.


Partly to celebrate the 20th anniversary in 2005, the development of the fourth series of electronics was started, in a completely new and exclusive design. The latest techniques, including balanced UcD amplifiers (in collaboration with Philips), mounted in cabinet material with a beautiful design to enjoy both musical and visual appearance. For example, the Audio Art series was developed, consisting of the 350 and 460 models and replaced a number of the 340 and 450 products respectively. This again contained all disciplines; integrated amplifiers, pre and power amplifiers, CD, CD/SACD, CD/SACD/DVD players, tuners and D/A converters. Particularly due to the rapid developments on the digital media and software side, more and more music was downloaded within certain target groups instead of physically buying CD’s. Playback increased through PC and we hoped high-end portable players. The cable network also switched from analog to digital. The demand for good converters therefore also increased strongly. The vM DA460 was therefore replaced in 2010 by the vM DA466 and vM DA468, respectively with six and eight inputs with all common connections, of course including USB and with remote control. In addition to the Audio Art Series, to complete the program there was the Standard Series with the vM CD250 and the vM MA250, the Module Series contained mains filters and the phono preamplifier and last but not least the State Of The Art series or the reference vM Q- series



In 2015 we celebrated our 30th anniversary with a new, fifth electronics line. The Standard Series was not replaced and was therefore unfortunately discontinued, but:
In the vM Audio Art Series we see the 350 models become 360 ​​and the 460 the 470. The same philosophy: a lot of musical quality for a reasonable price. New components and improvements in the circuitry once again formed the basis, the bar was also set much higher. This resulted in a new CD drive, the vM CT360, the phono preamplifier vM PH360 and the exclusive vM MP470 media player. This player, based on the latest Windows 10 PC system, was equipped with audiophile parts and modules, such as linear power supply, passive cooling and unique audio card with Q-Link output. All audio and video media could be optimally processed and reproduced at Hi-End level. The CD drive of the vM CT360 was expanded by popular demand with an internal d/a converter and that is how the vM CT360D came into the program. The total cable package was also renewed and placed at a significantly higher level, better electronics deserve better cables in order to put together a much better vM audio set. The vM RDQ and vM REQ loudspeaker systems were then redeveloped for the reference line. They have been presented at various shows and fairs in combination with our also updated vM CAQ and vM PAQ or the derived vM CA470 preamplifier with the vM PA471 mono or vM PA472 stereo power amplifiers.

2020 was the year of our 35th anniversary and we wanted to celebrate that with a completely new electrostatic loudspeaker system to complete the vM reproducer line. After gaining some experience with our new ESL unit, which we had already used in the vM REQ reference loudspeakers in order to better test, measure and listen, we have developed this new capacitor module and so the vM ED7.2 is now available. With the successful vM EE/EB from the 1990s in mind in terms of design and performance as a basis. The most important improvement is the length of the ESL unit, which has been increased from 100cm to 125cm. In addition, of course, new electronics for the high voltage and filtering with the bass, for which we used the same bass units as used in the vM DD series, so also with the unique vM Anti Resonance concept.

The fifth electronics line is further perfected and completed where desired.The vM DA360 and vM DA470 d/a converters with new chips and higher resolution are now being completed, because streaming has greatly increased the demand for sound enhancement.New mains filter modules for the vM PF470 are also on the agenda for 2021 to be technically finalized and ready for production.


All new brochures, reviews, manuals and information are available on the website.Even a Time Line in which all production and sales years of the total program from 1985 to the present can be found, both for the vM loudspeakers and the vM electronics. Nice and/or instructive to read, but listening to it is of course the convincing decision, make a demo appointment in our showroom..

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