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Dear music friends, welcome to the Van Medevoort Audio website.

With more than 30 years of experience and success in the audio branch, we have continued our technical and musical advance and increased our competitor position with a complete new Van Medevoort line.

Recently we introduced the different all new products and also a few renewed items.
All integrated, pre and power amplifiers, CD transports and Silver Cable program are new for still more listening pleasure. New in development, design and features are the audiophile DA360 and DA470 digital to analog converters, with the highest musical level in PCM and DSD (native) audio. The full symmetrical built new Phono Pre Amplifiers PH360 and PH470 are the best audio sources between the record player and pre amplifier for play back your analog vinyl. Switchable inputs to optimal match all different top cartridges on the market.
A complete affordable audio chain from source to loudspeaker and connected with vM Silver Cable for the most important argument: Hi-End quality.

The new dynamic loudspeaker systems DD5.2 and DD9.2, but also the new exclusive electrostatic ED7.2 are scheduled for end 2017. Even our reference systems the dynamic RDQ and electrostatic REQ are ready for a new design.
Several models are equipped with our power amplifier modules to create active loudspeakers, primarily as studio monitors for the professional market, but also for Hi-End stereo and multi-channel audio systems.

For many years vM Audio Recording Technology (ART) is recording live musicians, bands and orchestras in Hi-Res PCM as well as DSD, to use as reference and demonstration material. With this recordings we test, design and experience how and where we can increase the already excellent musical qualities of our vM products.

We wish you much listening pleasure,
The Van Medevoort Audio team.